We KNow that

It is hard to keep track of the things you own

That’s why we developed StuffSleuth—our software allows you to keep track of everything! It uses location data and other tools to help you keep track of all your stuff. No matter where you are, whether it be in your office or in your car or at home, with StuffSleuth, you’ll always know where your possessions are.

Why keep track of where your storage bins are?

Because you don’t want to lose them. Because you don’t want to pay for the extra fees that come with having to move your belongings around. Because you want to be able to find the bin you need when you need it, without having to go through a bunch of other bins that aren’t yours.


Our software allows you to keep track of everything—all of your possessions and all of their locations—so that every time you need something, it’s right there for you. It’s simple and easy, and it saves time, money and frustration.

StuffSleuth Storage

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